Maid (2021) | TV Review

After finishing Squid Game in one weekend, I was pessimistic to believe that anything could come close. Any description of Maid threatens to sound unremittingly bleak. It isn’t one that promises a happy ending. It asks the question ‘What is abuse?’ and highlights the way systems navigate similar narratives on a daily basis. The story starts with 25-year-old Alex (Margaret Qualley) who flees her emotionally abusive relationship with her 2-year-old, Maddy (Rylea Neveah Whittet). Over the course

Why are crush pages becoming the new online phenomenon?

A light-hearted outlet or an alternative platform for online abuse? The growing trend of confessing & its consequences In a time when face-to-face interactions have been heavily restricted, creating innovative and imaginative ways to connect and share in an online space has been a necessity to fill the social void. Like many social media trends, the Facebook confession pages have continued to appear over recent years and are now an established feature of university students’ online presence. A

The truth about toxic positivity

And why we’re all guilty of practising it. It could be worse, right? Just stay optimistic. Happiness is a choice. Look on the bright side. People have it so much worse. At least you’ve got… blah blah blah. That’s quite enough. How about… It’s shameful. It causes guilt. It represses authentic human emotion. It prevents growth. And yet, we all do it as a way to suppress and avoid challenging circumstances. One concern that has arisen as a consequence of the pandemic is the idea of toxic positiv

No time for a female Bond

With the highly anticipated No Time to Die being released later this month, the leading role has been a disputed topic in the media once again. The iconic 007 character was first created in the early 1950s, featuring in the thriller Casino Royale, and has since been played by numerous familiar faces who have, in turn, made it their own. Therefore, it is no surprise that there has been much speculation as to who will carry the title once Daniel Craig marks his final farewell. As with most histor

Freshers: Mistakes All First-Years Will Make During Freshers Week | Her Campus

Believe me, we've all been there. • Signing up for every single society Don’t overcommit without trying out a few taster sessions first. You’ll end up with an inbox filled with messages from various societies you don’t even remember signing up for. Every student is guilty of packing pointless things you will NEVER use and will probably forget you even own. Despite the fact you’ve definitely overpacked, you’ll have most certainly not packed something crucial you’ll probably need during your fi

THE PRODUCTIVITY PARADOX: The Burnout Badge of Honour & Why Hustle Culture is Poisonous. | Her Campus

There’s always just one more e-mail to send, but overworking and overcommitting is the most socially acceptable form of self-harm. Endless studies have proven that consistently studying for long periods of time can elevate depression and anxiety, so why do we continue to glamorize our so-called hustle culture? I’ve been experiencing burnouts since I was 14-years old. I was once walking to high-school, about to sit a Biology mock exam that I’d studied all week for, when I started to feel like m

I’ll Take My Chances – The Risk of Blood Clots on the AZ Vaccine and the Pill | Her Campus

There was much concern last week when reports that the vaccine posed a risk of being the cause of blood clots were published. In response, people began highlighting the higher risk of blood clots posed by contraceptive pills. On March 15th, the Republic of Ireland temporarily suspended use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and on March 16th, Germany, Norway, Italy, and France followed suit. Over 61% of people in France proceeded to admit that they believed the AZ vaccine to be too unsafe. According

Is it time to abolish the British monarchy?

A symbol of solidarity or an outdated relic? The royal family has an enduring importance in Britain. Monarchists argue that they embody the country’s human identity and roots, perpetuating a nation’s history. Monarchs are considered symbols of unity in times of crisis, and they exemplify the human values that a country stands for. This powerful image extends to the voluntary union of the 54 countries identified within the Commonwealth of Nations. While politicians come and go, a successful roya

Good Morning, Good Riddance.

ITV, the channel that talks mental health while delivering mental trauma. Piers Morgan has sensationally left the ITV breakfast show, Good Morning Britain. This has come after the statement in which he admitted that he did not believe that Meghan Markle contemplated suicide while pregnant with her son, Archie, after being subjected to numerous accounts of abuse and racism. A highly dangerous precedent to set on a big TV network. Susanna Reid, who has consistently remained complicit even during

You’re Not a Fraud – You’ve Just Got Imposter Syndrome | Her Campus

The agonising anticipation of my A Level results day back in 2018 was greeted with an enormous sense of relief when I discovered that I had smashed my final exams and was heading to university. Everything I had worked tirelessly for over the last couple of years had finally paid off. So, why did I start my new journey into further education filled with dread and terror? Starting university is an undeniably overwhelming experience for many students, fueled by the exhaustion of having to constant

Why Unfollowing Almost Everyone on Instagram Changed the Game | Her Campus

The first lockdown especially was a time of decluttering and re-organising for a lot of people. While I’m all about making more space in my wardrobe, one of the best things I did during that time was unfollow almost everyone on Instagram - a social media declutter, if you will. This was long overdue and damn do I feel better for doing it. Like most people, I’m guilty of spending more time on social media since the pandemic hit than I usually would and I’d always end up in a bit of a slump after

The Shame of Menstruation: Shush, I Got My Period | Her Campus

Ahh, the joys of menstruation. Between you and me, I am not one of the luckier ones who has 3 days of what I’d refer to as ‘mild discomfort’. When it’s that time of the month, y’all will know about it. But that’s just it. Growing up I found it disturbingly uncomfortable and awkward to even utter the word ‘period’. I remember envying the boys in primary school being asked to leave the sex ed talk so that the girls could watch some middle-aged woman dropping a tampon into a glass of water – a mo

Breaking News, Women Masturbate: Zoella Sex Toy Scandal | Her Campus

Masturbation is a choice. But whether it is a regular part of your sex life or you don’t give it a second thought, it is something that all women should embrace as normal and healthy. There are certain topics that spark outrage within me and this one really struck a nerve when I read the news last week. When I first saw the headlines, ‘Zoella removed from GCSE media syllabus’ and ‘dropping Zoella’, I was naturally intrigued as to what she may have done, having grown up with her being such a hug

My 2020 Bookshelf | Her Campus

Since starting my degree, I’ve found myself wanting to expand my horizons and incorporate types of literature I might not have looked twice at previously into my collection. And so, one resolution that I make at the start of every year is aiming to read roughly 100 books. Despite the pandemic last year and having a lot more time on my hands, I let myself have a wee break from this so-called resolution, and so I fell slightly short of my target. Still, 93 books is pretty impressive, right? It’s s

January HC Book Club Review: Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall | Her Campus

Growing up is realising that the spotlight upon mainstream feminism actually illuminates the many ways in which traditional feminism is lacking and fails to address the needs of all women. It’s no secret that the movement too often focuses on the rights of privileged individuals, with little consideration for marginalised communities and what can be done to confront the inequalities that still exist. In fact, when thinking about feminism, our minds are quick to consider subjects such as equal pa

Estrid Razor Review | Her Campus

I was going to start with a joke but I’ll shave that for later... Not to be THAT person, but I found out about this brand way before the hype about a year ago from a friend of mine who was raving about them. I wouldn’t usually go out of my way to purchase razors from a brand because I’m kinda lazy with self-care products. But with lockdown happening I thought I’d treat myself and I’m actually so glad I did. Estrid preaches that shaving is a choice, which I think is so great and actually very r

7 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health This Semester | Her Campus

This time of year in particular can be challenging for lots of people, especially with it being a new decade and a new semester. As the deadlines start approaching once again it’s important to keep an eye on your mental health and well-being. While the topic of what can improve mental health is highly subjective, I thought I’d share 7 ways in which you can try and protect your mental well-being this semester. Balancing your social life with your studies is always tricky, but it’s super importan

Why All Young People Should Vote | Her Campus

We don't just vote for nights out and tequila Disclaimer: I’m not here to tell you who you should vote for. This is just a reminder of the importance of voting, specifically the reasons why young people should vote. With less than a month until the election (Dec 12th, 2019), it’s super important to be aware of what’s going on and what you can do. • Every single vote counts. There is always somebody who claims that their vote won’t make a difference to the outcome, but that one vote can and will

HCAU Reviews “Unbelievable” | Her Campus

Recent statistics report that one individual in America alone is sexually assaulted every 73 seconds. And yet, there is still a shockingly detrimental attitude towards the act of rape; some don’t believe that sexual assault is a crime, others are quick to assume that victims are at fault and responsible, and some even believe that victims are making the entire thing up. It is a topic that must be dealt with sensitively, especially when being explored within a mainstream drama. The Netflix limite

Why Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the Best Thing To Have Happened to TV | Her Campus

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to believe that it’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s world and we’re all just living in it. She is an absolute genius writer and actor who is just killing the game in both theatre and television right now. Phoebe is simply thriving and ‘Fleabag’ has gone from receiving a mediocre, heavily critical three star review back in 2013, to bagging not one but THREE Emmys. If that isn’t a glow up, or a reminder to keep working hard and doing what you love, then I don’t kno
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